josh + franziska

This is a picture I took of the person that sits beside me naming no names. i was using glocal. Glocal is a free program that all you need to use is a web cam and you take pictures using the web cam as a camera. One of the things you can do is take more than one picture and put it into one. You can put on different effects to make it look different. The title is Josh and Franziska (Franzisca is a German name) because two people came into my class and Josh was from Arts Umbrella and Franziska  was the volunteer. Arts Umbrella is a school for teaching art and other stuff. Even if you don’t have any money you can still join, but if you have enough money they expect you to pay.

its a home run! (in my backyard)

Me, my neigbour, my brother and Kris were playing baseball in my back yard and my neigbour hit a homerun and that means it went out of the ball park (In this case over the fence). We never got the ball back!! And  then my friend had to go home and then we plan to go to his house becasue there is a park by his house and we are going to play baseball there, becasue it’s better than my backyard!! And we won’t lose the ball now!! 

Order in the court, eh!

have you ever been in a courtroom? because this post is about the Canadian courtroom and Justice system. You always have to go through a metal detector before you can go in the courtroom. And you have to go in through the right door. I don’t know why. There is a Canadian flag and a Canadian emblem in the courtroom. You are innocent until proven guilty.  Heres three things that make things fair in the court.

1 Your arch ememy is not allowed to be on the jury or someone that knows you.

2 You have to take a oath so that you don’t lie.

3 You get to have a lawyer who tells your side of the story.

The judge is the person who listens carefully to what people are saying and decides if the person is guilty or not.

If the accused is in jail at the time of the court the court officer will bring the accused in from jail.

The crown prosecuter has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty.

If your accused of something the defense lawyer will tell your side of the story.

The court recorder will type in what is being said on a computer so it can be read back later on.

You also have lots of rights and freedoms. You have the right to remain silent and you have the right to not remain silent. You have the right to hire a lawyer and you have the right to not hire a lawyer. You have the right to tell the truth but you don’t have the right to not tell the truth. In some cases there isn’t a jury and there is only a judge. And for all you scammers trying to get out of being sued, here’ a good tip – just don’t do anything bad in the first place!


My class went outside to appreciate nature. Here are some things I appreciate about nature:

The wind blowing through the trees,

the sun warming me up,

the birds chirping, 

the dirt and grass for being the home for a lot of bugs, 

and Ms Smith letting us do it.


Those are some of the things I appreciate in Nature

crack crack crack pop

I just got two teeth pulled. When they were pulling them out it made a cracking noise like “crackle crack crackle”. I had to have four needles in my mouth so it didn’t extremely hurt whenI got my teeth pulled. Some one else in my class got seven teeth pulled. I got my teeth pulled because I needed to make room  for my eye teeth that was stuck because there was no room for them to come down, but now they do.

Ukraniam Easter eggs

One day at school we made ukraneum easter eggs. At the table I was working at four things caught on fire.   Clap, clap. The fire alarms didnt go off.  The first step in making the Ukranium eggs is, what ever you want to stay white on the egg you cover with wax. Then you dip the egg in a yellow die. Next you cover the egg again with wax where ever you want to stay yellow and then you dip it in the next colour die. We did this a few times. You have to do the colour from the lightest to darkest.  The last step is you melt the wax off the egg and you are left with a Ukranium easter egg.

What I remember of New Zealand

I went to live in New Zealand from when I was two and a half till four and a half. I don’t remember that much since I was young but I remember selling flowers out side our house where there was a buss stop. So me and my older sister made quite a bit of money. I also remember going to Burger King and eating fries with my feet.

Call 911

In my room i got a bunk bed and i never sleep in the top. One night i desided to sleep on the top and my mom went to check to see if i was a sleep or not and i wasnt in the bottom part where i always sleep. So my mom and dad looked EVERY WHERE and could not find me. So then they called 911. Then they finally found me and had to call the police back to say they found me. They ask where i was and had to tell then he was in the top bunk.

What I want to be when I grow up

When I grow up I want to be a rich hobo. Which means I am the richest person in the world, but i am just not living in a house. I live in a box instead. A gold plated box. Filled with win and victory. When people are looking, the gold plating goes inside the box so no one sees it, and when people aren’t looking it folds out into a two story gold house. And I will be the king…… of my gold plated box/house.  And I will have a pet cow, ferret and dog. If you laugh at this then I curse you forvever and just wait because in a couple of years I will be living in a gold box in your driveway. We wil see who will be laughing then!