Call 911

In my room i got a bunk bed and i never sleep in the top. One night i desided to sleep on the top and my mom went to check to see if i was a sleep or not and i wasnt in the bottom part where i always sleep. So my mom and dad looked EVERY WHERE and could not find me. So then they called 911. Then they finally found me and had to call the police back to say they found me. They ask where i was and had to tell then he was in the top bunk.

4 thoughts on “Call 911

  1. Boy, when I read this, I really feel for your mum & dad–how very scary for them. AAAK~!

  2. Woah! Now that is quite the story. I hoep your parents learned a lesson- and you! You have to remember to alwasy tell your parents where you’re going it be, even if it is just on the top bunk!

  3. Hi,Wow your mum and dad must of been very worried about you !!! If that was me i would feel so bad.

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