My Dad’s bad genes

Oh no, a meteor is about to hit earth! I blame it on my dad and his bad genes. It’s true, my Dad has bad genes (not the ones you wear). Whenever my dads driving the car and were in a rush to get somewhere, almost every single signal light will be red. That’s because of my dad’s bad genes. If you have anything or anybody that you blame when something bad happens, tell me. Bye

Top ten ways to NOT become a hobo

10 – Bake cookies for a billionaire and hope that he gives you money.

9 – Somehow go back in time and become one of the makers of World of Warcraft.

8 – Get a good job and try not to get fired and don’t quit unless there is a better job.

7 – Invent a new game and or product.

6 – Before your born, beg God to make sure your born into a rich family.

5 – Make sure your parents get rich and give all their money to you in their will.

4 – Don’t play World of Warcraft or any other game you have to pay for for every second of your life.

3 – Don’t get anyone super mad at you so they don’t give you anything in their will.

2 – If it starts raining money, don’t just stand there, pick it up.

And now for the number one way NOT to become a hobo…..

1 – Don’t follow away of the things I said in my last post. PS – and don’t do drugs!!

Top ten ways to become a hobo

10 – Spend all of your money on candy then rembember that it is bad for you health and throw it all away.

9 – Throw away a dollar every time someone in the world says “it” in a sentence.

8 – Purposly cut a hole in your pocket where your wallet is and tape a sign on your wallet that says do not return and tape onto your bank card a piece of paper that says this is my bank pin, and have the pin on there.

7 – Trade your house to a random person for a paperclip.

6 – Spend all your money on pure gold and test it’s quality by biting it and accidently swallow it.

5 – Spend all your money by insisting to buy free samples.

4 – Take all of your belongings and money, cover it in chocolate and eat it.

3 – Pay someone to rob you.

2 – Spend all your money on a flat screen tv and put a bug on it, then scream “BUG!!!!” and start hitting it with a sledge hammer and make sure you do as much damage as you can to the tv.

And now for the number one way to become a hobo…..

1 – Give all your money and possesions to charity except for a broken paperclip, because of course you need a paper clip to survive.


My favorite kind of robot

My favorite kind of robot is aaaaaa… bum bum bummmm….. battlebot!!! A battle bot can be anything that can destroy another robot. I watched battle bots on youtube on the weekend. My favorite robot  was the backlash, which was a robot with a giant saw on it. They control the robots by remote controls behind bullet proof glass. Everybody has to be behind bullet proof glass because they might get hit in the head by a robots saw or something. Backlash is 60 pounds built to destroy any robot that he is facing.  So if I were you, I would not get in backlash’s way.

stop litering

Stop litering,its bad for the planet, its bad for the animals and bad for you. Its bad for the planets becauce its makes  desease  by poluting the air and ground. its bad for the animals because they might eat the garbage and glass which would hurt them and maybe kill them. The more you litter the more likely the animals and humans would get a desease and spread it around.I dont want to live in a world wide dump so stop littering.

5 ways to get in or out of trouble

#5 if someone is mad at you say, “Me no spechenzee english!” if its a stranger thats mad at you

#4 to get in to trouble, put a sign that says “kick me” on somebody’s back.

#3 to get out of trouble, when the person who is mad at you is coming, run away screaming the sky is falling.

#2 to get in to trouble, start singing an annoying song in someone’s ear over and over again.

#1 The number one way of getting out of trouble is…….. just don’t get into trouble in the first place!

Eggos, My After-School Snack

This is how you make eggos.

Step 1: You take out the box.

Step 2: You open the box, dramatically!

Step 3: You take out a bag of eggos.

Step 4: You open the bag of eggos.

Step 5: You take out the eggos.

Step 6: You put the eggos in the toaster. Not on it or under it, in it.

Step 7: You set the time for how long you want them to be in the toaster.

Step 8: You start the toaster.

Step 9: You wait for the eggos to pop.

Step 10: You wait even more.

Step 11: The eggos pop!

Step 12: You take the eggos out of the toaster.

Step 13: You put what ever you want on the eggos.

Step 14: You take the first bite.

Step 15: You take the second bite.

Step 16: You take the however many bites until you finish eating it bite.

Step 17: Your done.

Step 18: Clean up.

Step 19: You brag to everyone that you made eggos.

Step 20: There isn’t a step 20.

My Mom’s Bad Day

Aaaahhhhh, run away! My mom’s having a bad day! Crash, boom bang. Ahhh, not the nostril flare of total rejection! Noooooo, not the countdown! 3….2…. actually, what happens when she gets to one? Time to test it out…. Ten minutes later…. Darn, I’m grounded for a week. And it’s all because my mom’s sick (AKA because of me). So now you know kids, never anger the momma beast. I found out the hard way.

Christmas Memories

For Christmas I got a professional poker set, a Wii, some games for the Wii and a lot of other stuff. I bought my brother and sister presents right before they opened them.

When I was little I ate a glass pickle Christmas tree ornament because I really liked pickles and I thought it was real. On Christmas eve we look for a glass pickle that is hidden in the  Christmas tree. The person who finds it gets a prize. We have an adult’s pickle and a kids’ pickle.

On Christmas eve the family get to open one present which is pajamas.

We have our Christmas late so our relatives can come. then it last for four days.

I injoy Christmas because I get presents and a turkey dinner.